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Best Share Fusion Fat Plum:
Best Share Fusion Fat Plum is aimed at the fat of the whole body. It can effectively control the number of the mast cells, and simultaneously block the extraction of starch and oil, thus effectively control the weight. You can take the capsule for a long time, or can take it for stabilizing the weight-reducing effect of other medicines.  
Best Share Fusion Fat Plum, which is made through complex production process, is the pure natural health food without any chemical agents. It is adopted the ultra-low temperature extraction, extracting the herbaceous plants' active ingredients such as PU'er Tea from Yunan Province in China and lotus, through scientific formula, as the secret system plum to be the carrier, and inloculating a special micro-capsules of lactic acid bacteria. Without any side effect, detox plum needn't deliberately diet to lose weight. At the same time, it can't cause to suppress appetite or stimulate the nerve center and it is also non-addictive, non-loss of appetite, no fatigue, no rebound! 
Specification: 20grains/box 
Main Ingredients: Golden plums, lactic acid bacteria, Angelica keiskei KOIDZ, Pu'er tea.
Usage & Dosage: Depends on the individual, one or two grains per day, one time per day. Using after meal with 300cc (10 oz) warm water. 
Properties:Solid dried fruit shape.
Suitable for: Those need to lose and control weight, as a result of excess nutrients, lack of exercise, and eating too much in social occasions.
Validity: 2 years  
1. Pregnant women ,young children ,those who sutter from peptic ulcer and ones with weak physically consutimtion are forbidden to take the product.
2. Never take this product with other weight loss products out the same time.
3. Do not swallow the seed of the plum. 
Storage: Avoid placing under high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight place, and taste better after refrigeration.

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