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Marryboll Lose Weight Slimmimng Capsule

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Marryboll Lose Weight Slimmimng Capsule:
The unique formulation of Marryboll helps lipid-lowering, oil discharge, burning fat,
Comprehensive thin: The most important feature is to enhance, strong and beauty role, specifically for weight loss and postpartum sagging skin and muscles, improve the body immunity.
Individual differences not only affect the amount of drug action, but also affect the quality of the drug, therefore, We will according to your some basic information, such as: Gender, age, weight, living environment, as well as the specific circumstances of the drug you take to help you to adjust the dosage and give food and guiding movement. 
* Suitable fat type, edema, Pumped, postpartum type, mixed type box. 
* Reduce belly, waist, seat circumference, arm
* Without dieting, full weight, stop eating weight never rebounded. 
Ingredients: Plum, Gorgon, Poria, Yuli, yam, cassia seed, malt, ginseng and other natural herbs.
Function: Weight loss
Suitable People: People who desire to lose weight
Not suitable people: Pregnant women, children and patients with hypertension, etc.
Dosage: 2capsules per day, take it in the morning and evening with warm water after a meal
Note: This product is not a substitute for drugs

Shelf Life: Two years
Storage: At room temperature, away from light and moisture 

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