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Slim Smart Safrolean Weight Loss Slimming Capsule

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Slim Smart Safrolean Weight Loss Slimming Capsule:
1. Proven to reduce appetite
2. Proven to reduce cravings for snacks between meals
3. Proven to reduce uncontrolled snack consumption
4. Reduces overall weight
How Exactly Does Safrolean Work?
The active ingredients within saffron (crocin and Safronal) display an appetite-reducing effect. During normal activity, a neurotransmitter known as serotonin is released by cells within the brain. This causes levels of this chemical to increase within the bloodstream. The serotonin will thereafter "dock" with so-called receptors. Through this mechanism, one's appetite is reduced. Eventually, the serotonin will leave the bloodstream and be transported back to the nerve cell; cancelling this satiating effect. Here, Safrolean will come into play. The agents contained within this extract will block the serotonin from returning to the nerve cells. Hence, a feeling of satiety can last for much longer. 
Specification: 350mgX20grains/ X 3 packs
Usage: 1capsule/time, twice daily
Function: Slimming and thin body
Age Group: Adults
Usage for detail:
As a dietary supplement, one capsule should be taken twice daily thirty minutes before meals with at least two hundred millilitres of water. For best results, Safrolean should be taken for a period of no less than eight weeks.
Shelf Life: 24 months
Storage: Store in cool, dry place

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